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Care Solutions 2020 catalog

Care Solutions 2020 catalog without prices

Catalogue Care Products 2019 with prices


Catalogue Care Products 2019 with prices (47,54 MByte, PDF)

Parts from Maincatalogue

Cavere Care (5,41 MByte, PDF)
Cavere Chrome (4,06 MByte, PDF)
Cavere Care Accessoires (2,74 MByte, PDF)
Inox Care (4,13 MByte, PDF)
Inox Accessories (1,76 MByte, PDF)
Nylon Care 300 (4,39 MByte, PDF)
Nylon Care 320 (2,16 MByte, PDF)
Nylon Care 400 (8,07 MByte, PDF)
Accessories Nylon (4,16 MByte, PDF)
Care Solutions Adipositas (1,61 MByte, PDF)
Ascento (1,68 MByte, PDF)
E-Button (1,83 MByte, PDF)
Montagesets (1,63 MByte, PDF)
Assistance in Planning and Installation (9,8 MByte, PDF)
General Information, Price list - sorted according to product codes (2,97 MByte, PDF)
General Information (1,5 MByte, PDF)

Ascento Modular Seating Solution

Cavere Care Brochure

Cavere Care Brochure (6,72 MByte, PDF)

Bathroom Fittings Brochure

Bathroom Fittings Brochure (2,76 MByte, PDF)

Bathroom Fittings Brochure Vario System

Sample Shower curtain

Sample Shower curtain (1,87 MByte, PDF)

Colour chart Care Products

Colour chart Care Products (173,84 KByte, PDF)

Brochure Architectural Hardware EST/STG

PegaSys Brochure 2018

PegaSys Brochure 2018 (7,02 MByte, PDF)

Safety in Healthcare Facilities

Sanitary aids Accessibility for all

Door handles and knobs

Door handles and knobs (384,64 KByte, PDF)