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Cavere Backrest 7841335, 545 x 210 x 150mm

Catalog Number 7841335
Product Group 7000

paddded backresti in color black

545 x 210 x 150mm, 32 mm dia. handle made of stainless steel, material No. 1.4301 (A4, AISI 304) with scratch-resistant powder coating with antibacterial protection (except 091 carbon black), available in Cavere colors, padded, made of PUR integral foam, color black or light grey, without roses, concealed fixing with grub screw from bottom, stainless steel screws , for wall mounting above a WC acc. to German standard DIN 18040-1 / Austrian standard ÖNORM B 1600, suitable fixing set for front-wall installation included.

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List price

Colour code
Carbon black
Cavere® white
Satin beige
Cavere® Anthrazit Metallic
Cavere® Silber Metallic

Detail 1

Download 7841335_detail_1.tif 1181x1181 Pixel TIFF 7,12 MByte
Download 7841335_detail_1.jpg 1181x1181 Pixel (CMYK) JPEG 2,15 MByte

Catalogue drawing - 2D isometric

Download 7841335_isometrie.dwg DWG 28 KByte
Download 7841335_isometrie.dxf DXF 123 KByte
Download 7841335_isometrie.gif 908x908 Pixel GIF 4 KByte
Download 7841335_isometrie.png 908x908 Pixel PNG 4 KByte
Download 7841335_isometrie.tif 908x908 Pixel TIFF 101 KByte

CAD 2D view

Download 7841335_cad2d.dwg DWG 39 KByte
Download 7841335_cad2d.dxf DXF 194 KByte
Download 7841335_cad2d.gif 908x908 Pixel GIF 6 KByte
Download 7841335_cad2d.png 908x908 Pixel PNG 2 KByte
Download 7841335_cad2d.tif 908x908 Pixel TIFF 101 KByte

Fixing instructions

Download 8214104_MA1_0522.pdf Fixing instructions PDF 449 KByte

PDF product data sheet (single sided, A4)

Download PDF product data sheet (single sided, A4) PDF 2,24 MByte
Download PDF product data sheet (single sided, A4) PDF 1,98 MByte


Download 7841330_datanorm4.001 4 1 KByte
Download 7841335_datanorm4.001 4 0 KByte
Download 7841330_datanorm5.001 5 1 KByte
Download 7841335_datanorm5.001 5 0 KByte

GAEB 2000

Download 7841330_gaeb2000_en.p81 P81 1 KByte
Download 7841335_gaeb2000_en.p81 P81 1 KByte

Tender document (ASCII-Format)

Download 7841330_tender_document_en.txt TXT 1 KByte
Download 7841335_tender_document_en.txt TXT 0 KByte
Download 7841330_tender_document_en.rtf RTF 3 KByte
Download 7841335_tender_document_en.rtf RTF 0 KByte


Download 7841330_bmecat_en.xml XML 7 KByte
Download 7841335_bmecat_en.xml XML 7 KByte